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Innovative Thermal Solution

TEL. +81-42-520-8223

No. 6-39-21, Nishisuna-cho, Tachikawa-shi,
Tokyo 190-0034, Japan

Complete Thermal Solution

Based on more than 15 years of manufacturing experiences in automotive heat exchangers, L. E. A. is capable of providing a complete thermal solution in any field. We possess not only the R&D ability, but also have production competence for most heat exchange applications Our design for the vapor chamber heat sink is based on the use of aluminum. This technology features a component approach which is very scalable, producing a flexible layout while lowering cost. These advantages are passed on to our customers allowing them to be much more flexible in their product design including the possibility of a smaller footprint. Our innovative and competitive Al vapor chamber heat-sinks lend flexibility to both the current products and to the next generation of product design by our customers.

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No. 6-39-21 Nishisuna-cho, Tachikawa-shi,
Tokyo 190-0034, Japan

TEL +81-42-520-8823
FAX +81-42-520-8824